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Building Your macOS Baseline Requirements (…Again)


A MacAD.UK Conference Presentation by Henry Stamerjohann

When tasked with (re)building a security baseline for macOS clients, where do you start?

There’s obviously decisions to be made about what’s feasible in your organization (beyond if admin privileges should be the default). You need to weigh system stability and security with end-user productivity. Luckily for the macOS platform a rich ecosystem of tools exist to fill in the gaps and general guidance is available. The crucial part of making mindful and informed decisions is to first aggregate data from your IT environment. You can then decide what configurations to deploy and run recurring compliance checks based on an appropriate strategy. This session will cover fundamentals, highlight advanced considerations, and outline practical examples to apply when you’re conducting a (new) baseline for macOS clients.

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Henry Stamerjohann Macad speaker

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