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Device Management as a Platform. What? Why? How?

A MacAD.UK 2018 Conference Presentation by London School of Economics’ Yannis Lagogiannis

Device Management as a Platform: an increasing number of Mac and iOS administrators choose to implement a ‘Self Service-first’ model for the delivery of software and support to their users. This is fuelled by a user-led IT approach which aims to bring the App Store experience, that users have come to love on their personal devices, into the enterprise. However, this inadvertently changes the operating model for device management from one-directional enforcement of configurations on devices to a platform approach that invites user participation.

Yannis Lagogiannis MacAD speakerIn the face of this change, the Mac admin community has engaged in excellent technical discussions around how to best utilise tools like Jamf’s ‘Self Service’ and Munki’s ‘Managed Software Center’ and many innovative solutions have been created as a result. However, the focus so far has mostly been on creating technical solutions answering specific needs, when those arise a result of this change.

The presentation At MacAD.UK will try to complete the picture, turning the spotlight on the other side of this new way of providing device management, by presenting a comprehensive analysis of the fundamental principles of platform design and governance. Specifically, by answering:

  • What is Device Management-as-a-Platform?
  • Why you should consider this as a model for managing your Apple devices and supporting your users.
  • How to design and implement an Apple device management service and processes based on this approach.

Who should attend?

The talk is directed at Apple systems administrators and IT managers who are considering or are already implementing a ‘Self Service-first’ approach in their managed environments. In particular, those in the community who work in enterprise IT environments will leave equipped with the fundamental knowledge needed to be able to understand, present, and communicate effectively, a governance model for platform-oriented Apple device management to their company’s leadership.

Want to attend?

Only delegates with a valid pass will be admitted to the event, but those with a pass don’t need to reserve places at presentations.

Book a conference pass here.

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