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MacADUK Bootcamp

If you haven’t been to MacADUK before and you’re new to the Apple admin world, you might feel like you need a leg up to make the most of the show? The MacADUK bootcamp has been specially created by Amsys’s Master Trainer to prepare delegates for the conference.

What’s on the agenda?

Section 1 – Intro

What you can expect to learn and discover at MacADUK:

Section 2 – MDM:

Learn about what is it and why it’s important going forward, basic MDM overview, discover the concepts of how to manage macOS and iOS devices, configurations profiles, Apple Configurator 2, supervision, Apple’s Push Notification Service (APNs), imaging/the end of imaging/Apple T2 chip, learn about Apple’s deployment programs such as Apple School Manager and Apple Business Manager, what’s out there? (vendor-wise).

Sections 3 – DEP (Device Enrolment Program (now known as Automated Enrolment) and VPP (Volume Purchase Program – now known as Managed Distribution)

What it is?, how to buy apps in volume/centralised deployment, how it complements MDM, learn and be introduced to the basic fundamentals and concepts of app deployment. Discover what is needed from an infrastructure perspective including setup basics.


Section 4 – Devops:

Intro to scripting, automation and consistency, discover the correct tools for the job, using the CLI (including tips and tricks to make your job easier), using online repositories, versioning and version control/tracking (Github etc)

Section 5 – Security:

Discover the basics around Apple device security concepts including an intro to APFS, SIP, FileVault, secure boot, sandboxing, code-signing, discover about keychains (local and iCloud), User-Approved MDM (UAMDM) and how it affects deployment, approving macOS kernel extensions (KEXTS), PPC PPPC (Privacy, Preferences Policy Control), macOS Gatekeeper, firmware passwords and the new Apple T2 chip, Transparency, consent and control (TCC) settings, an intro to Unix permission and how we use the CLI (Command Line Interface). Using Start-up modifiers to manage and administer macOS computers. Good/best practices.

Q&A, wrap-Up and Outtro:

What’s next, moving forward on your macOS/iOS journey, where to go from here. Amsys training options/course offerings.

Date, time and Location

The Bootcamp starts on Monday 25th March at 09:30 and finishes at 17:30 and takes place at Amsys’s state-of-the-art training facilities at 71-73 Carter Lane, London, EC4V 5EQ.

Who should attend

  • New Apple administrators
  • Non-Apple admins who want an overview of administering Apple devices
  • MacADUK delegates who want to refresh conference topics

Open to non-delegates too

While this course is designed for MacaDUK delegates, anyone can attend. It’s also a seriously good general introduction to Apple administration so you may want to send your new starters to get immersed in admin matters?


The whole-day course costs £200 (+VAT) but is discounted to £100 for all orders before March 6th.