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The macOS School of Terminal Witchcraft and Wizardry


A MacAD.UK 2018 Conference Presentation by macOS author Armin Briegel

Terminal, the command line, shell. A powerful tool and a tedious chore. Mac Admins love it and hate it. Many of its behaviours might as well be spells and magic.

At MacAD.UK we’re going to look at several tricks, configurations, features and shortcuts for the Terminal application on macOS that will streamline your workflow and make the entire experience more pleasant. We will take a deep dive into the history of the shell, look at some idiosyncrasies with macOS and check out some alternative shells.

Who should attend?

The talk is directed at any Apple system administrator and/or IT manager that needs to use Terminal. It’s not been designed as a basic how-to though, so you’ll need knowledge of Terminal to make the best use of the session.

Want to attend?

Only delegates with a valid pass will be admitted to the event, but those with a pass don’t need to reserve places at presentations.

Book a conference pass here.

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