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“Release Yourself!” Release management tips and tricks for Apple admins


A MacAD.UK 2018 Conference Presentation by Geoff Lee

We all want our changes to be properly documented, logged and reversible (don’t we?); of course, we can keep our code in Git, but how do we track a change from our dev environment into production while making sure that it is the change we intended to make; that it doesn’t break anything; and that it’s the same change that’s in Git? If it goes wrong, how do we reverse it? How do we apply this to things other than code?

I’ll talk about the University of Edinburgh project to implement JAMF Pro from the ground up, and the challenges of building a dev->test->live workflow for a virtual team from across the organisation to manage 2000+ Macs.

The talk will cover a collection of tools, including a new one which gives you the power to release arbitrary versions of your code from Git to a JAMF JSS, complete with changelog and version information, with a single command. No more copy/paste gremlins!

Want to attend?

Only delegates with a valid pass will be admitted to the event, but those with a pass don’t need to reserve places at presentations.

Book a conference pass here.

Geoff Lee MacAD speaker

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