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Speaker Slides from MacADUK 2017


We have had a few requests to make the speakers slides available for download. While some/lots of these won’t make much sense without the speaker commentary, we have added most of them below since you asked :o)

Charles Edge – The inner workings of MDM

Chris Lasell – d3 – Open-source package management & DevOps with Casper

Clay Caviness – Securing Management Tools

Graham Gilbert – Something something commercial, something something open source

Greg Neagle – Introduction to PyObjC

Hannes Juutilainen – Code signing and macOS security

Henry Stamerjohann – Zentral – journeys from logging towards manage osquery and incident response

Ian Trimnell – Mac administration in Academia – the fine balance between academic freedom and security.

Jason Miller – How Packet Firewall (PF) Can Protect Your Enterprise

Joel Rennich – Tied up & bound – An in depth look at NoMAD and modern Mac directory connectivity

P-M Lejon – FileWave atBonnier News

Pepijn Bruienne – Securing the managed environment – you, me, and everybody.

Rich Trouton – Storing our digital lives: Mac filesystems from MFS to APFS

Richard Purves – Smart Cards, macOS and Security

Tim Sutton -Advanced Mac Software Deployment and Configuration: Just Make It Work!

Tom Bridge -Munki Mistakes Made Right

Richard Mallion – Swift for Admins

Keep an eye out for news on the videos!

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