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You’re not installing that on MY laptop…


A MacAD.UK 2018 Conference Presentation by Thoughtworks’ Steve Quirke

A tale of MDM, privacy, transparency, identity and laptop management at ThoughtWorks.

ThoughtWorks is an IT consultancy. We help our clients solve their most challenging problems with custom software.
ThoughtWorkers are very technical, very privacy focused and very opinionated – and as a result, when we started a discussion about introducing Mac management we were rapidly shot down in flames…
In this session, learn how we worked with our vendor to offer a lightweight agent-less MDM solution that met our compliance requirements…
…and how we built our own transparency app – to further reassure ThoughtWorkers that TechOps were only watching the things Apple’s APIs allowed us to!

Want to attend?

Only delegates with a valid pass will be admitted to the event, but those with a pass don’t need to reserve places at presentations.

Book a conference pass here.

Steve Quirke Macad speaker

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