Graham Gilbert

Systems Engineer at Airbnb

Session Title: Rolling out Catalina within 30 days – are we nuts?

Overview: Most people know that Apple considers major operating system releases to be security fixes. It can often take weeks for critical security issues to be fixed on older releases (that is if they’re fixed at all). So knowing this, how do we keep our fleets secure without ruining the productivity of our users, running our IT teams into the ground and destroying the available bandwidth in our offices?

We will take you all the way back to our planning sessions, take a look at how we qualify the new operating system in our environment and how we deploy it to many thousands of devices globally with minimal impact to the end user. Airbnb has deployed the last three major releases of macOS in this manner, so we can continue to keep the company’s, our hosts and our guests secure, having nearly 100% of active devices updated within 30 days.