Henry Stamerjohann

Founding partner at ​Zentral.pro​

Henry is a founding partner at ​Zentral.pro​ – a Germany based company specialized in Professional Services and diligent Research & Development.

He has been working in the Mac management domain for over two decades and is known as an experienced integrator and consultant for Jamf as well as Open Source solutions.

Session Title: Latest developments in Identity Management

Overview: In a post AD bind world, new techniques need to be employed when managing identities on a macOS client. Solutions that used to work, like AD certificates, cannot be employed anymore. Protocols that were developed for the Web, like SAML or OpenID Connect, can now be used on the devices for increased security (multi factor authentication at login). Great n​ew functionalities, but at the cost of some extra complexity to manage. ​In this talk, we will look at the latest developments, especially with macOS and MDM solutions that can be leveraged to bring the Mac platform closer to what has become the new standard in the Windows world. We will also showcase a few tools that can address some of the still existing pain points (user authenticated network access control, …).