Jesse Endahl

Co-founder, CPO & CSO, Fleetsmith

Jesse previously worked at Dropbox, where he spent a year as an IT Engineer and two and a half years as an Infrastructure Security Engineer. He has spoken on security at conferences such as BlackHat USA and Google Cloud Next. Jesse studied Political Economy & Urbanization at the University of California, Berkeley, and is a classically trained vocalist.

Session Title: AUTOMATED DEVICE SETUP & Mac platform “ecosystem security”

Overview: This talk asks a simple question that’s difficult to answer: what are all the things that need to be true, in order for a company to have full confidence that a Mac is “secure” by the time it’s fully configured and ready for use by an employee on day 1? Answering this question requires covering some vast security engineering terrain, including Certificate Authorities, T2, Secure Boot, device attestation, TLS, and OS platform security features such as Notarization. This talk will ask more questions than it answers, and is meant to be a jumping-off point for discussion and further research (both myself and others).