Joel Rennich

Director Jamf Connect/NoMAD

Joel Rennich is the Director of Jamf Connect, which focuses on helping organizations do great things with identity on Apple devices. He works on the Jamf Connect suite of products at Jamf’s headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Previously Joel founded Orchard & Grove, an app development and consulting firm in Austin,Texas. In 2016, Joel released the popular open source application NoMAD and other tools that help to make Mac admins’ lives easier. Before that he spent over a decade working at Apple as an Enterprise Systems Engineering Manager doing all kinds of fun things with lots of cool people while solving crazy problems to allow for integrating Mac and iOS devices successfully into enterprise environments.

Prior to Apple, Joel was frequently seen speaking at Macworld, WWDC, and other international conferences and gatherings of Apple-minded admins as the founder of

Joel is a classically trained journalist and plied his trade as a paparazzi chasing Monica Lewinsky in Washington, D.C., before rising to become the Director of Photography for United Press International. If you’re lucky he’ll even tell you some of his Monica stories, as the stories are better than the photos…

Session Title: Modern Authentication using FIDO, WebAuthn and SSO extensions

Recent versions of Safari, in addition to other browsers as well, have brought support for WebAuthn and FIDO. Find out what that means to you as an admin and a user. We’ll dive into the protocol a bit, show some practical examples of using FIDO Security Keys and even do some live demos.
In addition this session will check in on the current state of the Single Sign On Extensions for both macOS and iOS. Learn more about the built-in Kerberos extension and any possible 3rd party extensions and how you can use them in your environment. Live demos as appropriate for extensions as well.