Yannis Lagogiannis

Yannis Lagogiannis

Client Platforms Manager

Yannis has been architecting, integrating and managing all things Apple in Higher Education for the past 15 years and is a keen evangelist for open, flexible and user-led managed environments.

He has been on stage repeatedly at JNUC and MacAdUK as well as at a variety of industry events run by Apple, IBM, and LSE amongst others, presenting on topics ranging from HE mobility case studies, to modern device provisioning and platform design strategy.

Session Title: Beyond device management; Strategies for continued success with Apple in Enterprise and Education

Overview: The evolution of Apple’s ecosystem in recent years has led to innovations in areas such as device onboarding, application deployment, security, and user experience. The introduction of MDM, the move away from imaging and the ever-increasing controls around the system and data security across Apple’s operating systems have introduced a new term in our vocabulary: Modern Management!

With each innovative feature, however, came a sweeping change in the way IT teams provision and manage Apple devices and services, creating a need for new workflows and operating models that can deliver the same level of automation and quality of service.

This session is a deep dive into what Modern Management for Apple in Enterprise and Education looks like, why its adoption is important, and what strategies and toolkits IT leaders and senior technical staff can draw upon to ensure continued success with Apple in their environment.