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Ben Toms

Ben-TomsBen joined dataJAR in 2015 as a Systems Engineer and was promoted to Technical Director in 2017. He’s been tinkering with Macs for 15 years, from OS 9 in music studios through to administering enterprise Mac and mobile environments.

Throughout his career he’s leveraged the brain trust that is the Apple Admin community, also founded London Apple Admins and have given back via his blog (, the blog with the tag line: “Doing the donkey work, to make you look like a smart ass!”

He’s been awarded a Deanship at the JAMF Nation User Conference (JNUC) for my contributions to the JAMF Nation community.

He is an admin for on Slack and have released a few open source projects such as AutoCasperNBI and AutoImagrNBI, as well as becoming the maintainer of ADPassMon.

Slack: @macmule
Twitter: @macmuleblog