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Clay Caviness, Google Inc.

After a packed presentation earlier this year, Google’s Clay Caviness returns to speak at MacADUK 2017 presenting the topic: “Securing Management Tools”.

Securing Management Tools

Ensuring that management tools keep working is critical to the supportability and safety of your fleet. Many people use Python and Ruby programs to manage their Macs. This can be problematic if users managed to break the system-provided interpreters. Clay will explain some solutions to this – shipping your own python and ruby and using python virtual environments – as well as covering fall-back solutions like planb.

About Clay Claviness

Clay has been a Mac and UNIX systems engineer since the early 90s and was thrilled when NeXT bought Apple. He has worked in advertising and technology companies since 1996 and currently works for Google in New York City.

Clay Caviness Google, speaker, macaduk, securing management tools

Clay can be found on Slack (MacAdmins) at @salajander